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Remko Scha:
Research on Auditory Perception and Music

R.J.H. Scha: Experimenten over de getalwaarde van het subjectief octaaf. [Experiments on the numerical value of the subjective octave.] Eindhoven: Institute for Perception Research IPO, Report no. 101, June 1967.

R.J.H. Scha: Impulsreeksen met onregelmatige intervallen IV. De juist waarneembare vertraging van één enkele puls. [Pulse trains with irregular intervals IV. The just noticeable delay of one single pulse.] Eindhoven: Institute for Perception Research IPO, Report no. 102, June 1967.

R.J.H. Scha: An algorithm for separating piano sounds from noise in damaged recordings. Master's thesis, Technological University Eindhoven, 1970.

The proposed algorithm employs an additive auto-correlation method to detect and reconstitute periodic signals. Dr. B. Lopez-Cardozo pointed out that this proposal constitutes a rediscovery of Buys Ballot's "method of periodograms".
One of the motivations for the algorithm was the conjecture that similar methods are employed by the human brain. It has not been established yet whether this is in fact the case.

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Markwin J. van den Berg: Aspects of a Formal Theory of Music Cognition. Ph. D. Dissertation, University of Amsterdam. September 30, 1996. (Promotor: Remko Scha.)

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